TB 840            SEVEN EASY QUARTETS (Trombone Quartet)               £13.95

Six easy and tuneful arrangements of well known melodies for 4 trombones.  Also playable by other Bb Brass Instruments.

1 See where the conquering hero comes - Handel

2 Saint Anthony Chorale - Haydn

3 Steal Away - Traditional

4 Minuet from the Royal Fireworks - Handel

5 Pomp and Circumstance March - Elgar

6 Sledging, Russian Folk Tune - Traditional

7 Birmingham Blues - Benton

The publication includes both Bass and Bb Treble Clef versions.                         SEE THE SCORE at


00057            DANCE MOVEMENTS for Bass trombone and Piano        $10.00

This work opens with a waltz, goes into a gigue and returns to a waltz.  Ends with a cadenza and adagio section.  Moderate difficulty.  ca. 4 mins. Copies available from the composer at  


  00142  DANCE OF THE BABY ELEPHANTS (Trombone Quartet)        $10.00

A light hearted piece depicting baby elephants waltzing, doing the habanera, then falling down.  Moderate difficulty.  ca.3 mins. Copies available from the composer at .


TB986     DANCE OF THE TUMBLERS (Trombone Quartet)                  £10.95

This is from Rimsky-Korsakov's opera 'The Snow Maiden' and provides interesting music for all four players.

SEE a sample page of the score, HEAR the music at


 TB936     DANCE SUITE for Junior Trombone Quartet                             £11.95

Dance Suite was the winning entry in the 2008 British Trombone Society's Composing Competiton for Junior trombone Quartet. It has 3 movements: Rhythmic Rag, Stately Sarabande and Bouncy Boogie.  Further details and sound clips can be found at  'Great material to motivate and energise second or third year players' (International Trombone Association Journal)


 TB935       EIGHT EASY CAROLS                                                               £13.95

  A collection of well known carols arranged for 4 Trombones, with all parts in the Tenor Trombone range. The music can be used to accompany unison voices.  Sample music page, mp3 sound clip and full details can be seen at

 TB938      FIVE EASY TRIOS by MENDELSSOHN                                     £9.95

 This selection for trombone trio includes Mendelssohn's 'Wedding march', 'Nocturne', 'War March of the Priests', 'Faith' and 'Funeral March'.  Sample page, mp3 sound clip and full details can be seen  at 

B&D13802           GRAND MARCH FROM 'AIDA'                                        £9.95

This arrangement for brass quintet of Verdi's famous march will be enjoyed by the performers and their audiences. Scoring is for Bb trumpets 1 and 2, F/ Eb Horn, Trombone/Euphonium and Tuba/BbBass. Full details at the Broadbent and Dunn website:

TB 1014    MUSIC OF THE MASTERS  (Trombone quartet)                     £13.95

Eight easy and well-known pieces by the masters of melody:

1. Silent worship - Handel

2. Dance of the Blessed Spirits - Gluck

3. Waltz - Brahms

4. Serenade - Schubert

5.Andante grazioso - Mozart

6.Toreador's song - Bizet

7. Wedding March - Wagner

8. With cat-like tread - Sullivan

Score samples and sound clips available from the publishers at

 TB 895      NOCTURNE from 'A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM'            £7.95

This straightforward arrangement of Mendelssohn's music is  for Trombone Quartet.  Sample page, mp3 sound clip and  full details can be seen at       

 TB 937      THE LONDONDERRY AIR                                                            £7.95

This popular Irish folk melody is arranged for trombone quartet.  See a sample page of the score and hear a sound clip at


 TB 741     THUNDER AND LIGHTNING POLKA (Trombone Quartet)        £9.95 

This arrangement of Johann Strauss ll's music will be enjoyed by both players and audiences alike.   SEE THE SCORE at


B&D13801 MARCH OF THE MASTERSINGERS (Brass quintet)              £9.95

This arrangement uses 2 themes from Wagner's overture to his opera 'The Mastersingers of Nuremberg'. This exciting arrangement gives all 5 players an opportunity to shine.  Published by Broadbent and Dunn Ltd., you can view the score and purchase copies at


EN086   RHAPSODY IN BLUE (Brass quintet)                                                  £9.95

 This arrangement of 'Rhapsody in Blue' features most of the main themes.   Gershwin's melodies are spread among the 5 instruments and this popular concert piece with its strong rhythms and lyrical melodies should appeal both to players and their audiences.  SEE THE SCORE  at